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Bringing our beautiful environment inside

HRV have been improving the quality of air in Kiwi homes for more than a decade, but the quest for the world’s purest invironment™ is far from over. Many New Zealand homes sit well below World Health Organisation standards. They’re cold, damp, poorly ventilated and full of allergy causing contaminants, not to mention water that may not be as pure as you think.

HRV - For the world's purest invironments™

At HRV, we believe every Kiwi should be living in a warm, dry and healthy home. That’s why we’ve made it possible with a range of smart products, developed with exclusive technology.

HRV Total Home Solutions

HRV offer a Total Home Solution product range – Ventilation, Extraction, Water Filtration, Cooling, Heating and Windows solutions, all designed to create more comfortable homes for all Kiwis. We’re proud to say over 170,000 New Zealanders are benefiting from out Total Home Solution range, but the battle against our tough New Zealand climate continues…

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