What We Do

E-Co Product Group's point of difference is that we take in our customers' homes to give expert advice, advise on the right balance of solutions for their needs and then we install and service the home solution. It's the only way they can be 100% sure their investment will deliver the results to create the perfect home invironment™. We’re right behind the proposed Healthy Home Guarantee Bill because we believe every New Zealander should be able to enjoy a healthy home.

We're a New Zealand company, and we're proud to have helped over 180,000 fellow Kiwis create warm, dry healthy and energy efficient homes. And this is how we do it ...


Many Kiwis houses are damp and have condensation. HRV Ventilation pushes out stale, damp air and replaces it with dry, filtered air. Our nano-fibre filtration helps reduce allergens which trigger allergies & asthma. HRV systems help create a comfortable living invironmentWatch our video


HRV's Whole Home Water Filtration System helps to remove some of the impurities in the water Kiwis drink, wash and cook with. Ensuring that water is filtered from every tap in the house, the HRV water system is installed right into the water mains. Watch our video


On average the temperature of Kiwi homes is 2-4 degrees below World Health Organisation standards*. HRVs heating solutions are designed specifically for Kiwi home and are expertly installed to create a warm, dry and healthy invironment. Watch our video


We help Kiwis stay comfortable all year round with high wall and ducted air conditioning systems. We build solutions to suit each individual house and lifestyle, to help create the perfect home invironment for Kiwi families during the summer months, and beyond. Watch our video